Recipes for the adventurous kind

Whether at camp, home base or on the trail these recipes are sure to inspire and have the rest of the crew wanting seconds.

potato leek soup

This simple and delicious soup was the very first meal Tara Alan ever cooked on our two-year adventure.

Fire-licked skirt steak with
Mamma's salsa verde

You can't go wrong with this tasty family recipe by Emma Frisch from her cookbook Feast by Firelight. 


Baja Basic Tacos

These four ingredients are ubiquitously found in even the most humble convenience stores in Baja. They are full of protein, fibre, iron and healthy fats to fuel yourself right for days in the saddle!


Carrot cake breakfast cookies

Imagine waking up and eating carrot cake for breakfast as you sip on a coffee from the comfort of… your tent. Yes, that’s right. It’s a no fuss recipe made at home that can replace your oatmeal breakfast on the trail or eat on the run.



This isn't what you would expect to have after a long day on the trail. But it's a hardy gourmet treat that heats up fast and will leave you wanting seconds. The trick is in the prep before heading out on the range.


The hot Caribou

This drink makes you want to sit back, lean against a log and watch the fire slowly burn away into the night. As the evenings start to get cold and especially throughout winter, keep this on the edge of the stove or grill to keep warm and share with the rest of the crew.

Roasted Beets and Carrots

This is a great side dish from Tanesha Milucky that is best done over the fire in a dutch oven.

Skillet biscuits with everything spice

Everyone's soon to be favourite biscuit recipe by Emma Frisch from her cookbook Feast by Firelight.


Spicy super hot chocolate

This recipe takes hot chocolate to the next level of flavour with the help of a few healthy ingredients. It's chalk full of good fats and you get a little kick from the ginger and cayenne.


Anna's peanut sauce

This is one of Anna Brones' all-time favourite go-to recipes, a rendition off of the basic one published in her and Brendan Leonard’s book, Best Served Wild. It can be made in many different renditions and put it on top of a lot of different things.



Baking kale chips is nothing new, but the taste is so undeniably good. It's a great treat to bring on the trail; whether you eat it as a chip, mix it in with your eggs in the morning or add it to any dinner dish to add a little extra kick. 


Hiker's Count Chocula

This delicious breakfast is creamy, sweet, and nutty. It’s also very filling and high in calorie, so it’s great to chow down on in the morning when you need to kick-start your day. It’s also great to make at home on those cold mornings before heading out to attack the snowy trails.

cranberry cacao energy bars

I love making these energy bars for the long miles on the bike.

Grilled asparagus with honey mustard dressing and shaved parmesan

A classic spring recipe by Emma Frisch from her cookbook Feast by firelight


Thru-hiker burritos

This doesn’t have to be gourmet. But, if you have some serious hunger, these thru-hiker burritos can be really satisfying at the the end of a long day exploring in the hills.


Lemon coconut energy balls

These little balls are chalk full of super foods and have a tart lemony flavour. They aren’t baked, can be mix up fast and taken on the trail with you as they won’t melt. The refreshing flavour is a little summer party in your mouth.


Salsa and Corn Dumpling Soup

This is a spicy tomato-based broth that gets covered in cornmeal batter dumplings. In each bite, you get a subtly sweet corn layer followed by hot and spicy broth that will satisfy any ravenous hiker.



A great take on granola with an amazing flavor!  It's the raw cacao powder that makes it a hit.This nutritious and delicious cereal is a great alternative to the store bought variety and gets you going in the morning with long lasting energy for whatever adventure lay ahead.