Swift Campout 2018

SWIFTCAMPOUT 20180623-140.jpg

Some #swiftcampoutbingo highlights from the #swiftcampout2018

1. Our #adventurewagons: a pair of 26ers that handled everything from suburban pavement to epic bouldering ATV trails.

2. Life through the bars. Starting a fire to get the warm vibes going.

3. A map of the Fôret Ouareau area that we stayed in and explored. Thanks to @dhdaines for being our lead cartographer!

4. Home sweet home for the night.

5. We really went out on the meals portion of the ride, more to report later.

6. We weren't so much a squad, more of a fantastic cycling duo

7. The view from our secret camp site featuring a private beach

8. On the road again, featuring one of our many climbs through the beautiful and lush Laurentian mountains.

9. Of course our favorite piece of camping gear. The river! It cooled our beer, gave us water for noodles, coffee in the morning, and put us to sleep at night.

Thanks again to @swiftindustries and @foundinthemountains for making this a special bike outing for people around the world.

How to make the official messkit #swiftcampout2018 bowl. This is a team effort, so the whole squad can join in. Note this is not ultralight, but ultra tasty

1. Gather all your ingredients that you've been carrying over the past 100km. We chose to go all veggy, so carrots, cucumber, red cabbage, mushrooms, Chinese broccoli, and Kamut soba noodles were on the menu.

2. Roughly chop everything up, don't be too fussy, you want lots of crunchy chunky veg.

3. Warm up you fry pan with a bit of oil and in another pot bring some River water to boil for the noodles.

4. Sauté the mushrooms until golden brown then add the chopped broccoli and slowly let it wilt down. Chopped garlic or shallot could also be added (we forgot ours).

5. Don't forget to have a few river cooled beers while the cooking occurs. Heck, read a newspaper while you are at it (you are camping after all, plus a watched pot never boils).

6. Once noodles are done drain and divide evenly amongst the squad. Next top with sautéed mushroom and broccoli. Then throw on the raw carrot, cucumber and red cabbage. Next magically pull out the sauce you made at home (tahini or almond butter, tamari, sesame oil, apple cider vinegar, yeast flakes, ginger, garlic and a lot of sambal oelek) and drizzle liberally over top.

7. Enjoy the meal with more beer and stories about the day's amazing ride.

8. Finish off the meal with fresh Quebec strawberries and fromage. Then ask your buddy to start a fire while you do the dishes. Bon apetit!

What else did we make on our #swiftcampout2018?

Lots of #coffeeoutside made from a beautiful Mexican coffee blend with a handy little @gsioutdoors kettle and @aeropress (obvs)! For breaky we ate potatoes and mushrooms in butter that we had wrapped in tin foil and left to bake in our fire's coals from the night before. To get us through the next 150km we also made some hearty oatmeal with apricot, walnut and sunflower seeds. Lunch was a simple affair of campagnolo bread, hard boiled egg, avocado, Montagnard cheese, mayo and veggie pate. Not shown are the Big Daddy oatmeal cookies bought from a road side depanneur. Overall the trip was a lot of cycling up and down backroads and a lot of eating to fuel the good times.