Trevor Browne: messkit curator


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The Interview

MESSKIT: What did adventure mean to you as a kid? 

TREVOR B: When did you first know that you wanted to be an explorer/adventurer?

MK: When did you first know that you wanted to be an explorer/adventurer?

MK: What was the food you hated as a kid but have come to appreciate as an adult?

MK: What was your first real adventure like as an adult and what role did food play in it?

MK: What are certain things you insist on in your journeys?

MK: What have you learned about yourself in the adventures you take?

MK: Is it gratifying for you to be recognized for what you do? What role does social media play in this?

MK: Has social media, live updates and imagery improved or diminished the thrill or importance of your journey? 

MK: How did xx trip come about? Did one organically lead to another or was it always in your head?

MK: What do you want to convey most about what you do?

MK: How do you continue to be Motivated and inspired?

MK: Proudest moment?

MK: ave you found other things in your life as gratifying as adventure/ food?

MK: Describe your mess kit. How has it evolved over the years?

MK: Are you the type to plan every detail or fly by the seat of your pants?

MK: What's your basic adventure pantry look like? 

MK: What item do you not leave home without?

MK: biggest craving for food you can't bring on the trail?

MK: What's your most treasured mess kit item?

MK: What are some logistical challenges of eating on your adventures?

MK: Favorite meal?

MK: Salty, sweet or savory?

MK: Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

MK: Tell about a recent trip and what the menu looked like for it. 

MK: Highs and lows and ebbs and flows are part of life. What would say is your biggest professional success and failure? What was your biggest cooking success/failure?

MK: What would you most like to change about how you cook/eat on the trail/off the trail?

MK: what's your greatest achievement?

MK: What's your food motto?

MK: Favorite go to recipe they can't live without that they would like to share.

MK: Who's messkit would they most like to learn about?

MK: Where is there next adventure taking them?

MK: A piece of advice you would share with any young, adventure-minded person setting out in this world?

MK:How has the adventure industry changed over the course of your life?